School Safety

Currently in our country, parents and students are rightfully frightened and have doubts about the safety of their school. As your State Representative for the 23rd House District, I will make the safety of Ohio’s children a priority. We need a new era of school safety for Ohio. In this new era, the state needs to take a greater role in ensuring safety and providing the financial resources to establish and maintain a statewide system of school safety.

Every child in every school deserves the right to a safe learning environment where they can grow into young adults. Our leaders have failed to give them that. We need metal detectors and checkpoints so that not just anyone can enter into a school. Teachers and students need ways to exit the school during an emergency through windows if they can’t exit through the door.

To ensure student safety, I will also work to place highly trained resource officers in every school in Ohio. These resource officers will be trained like police officers, but with a greater emphasis on personal relationships with the students. We need to identify and help students who are struggling emotionally, in and outside of our schools.

It’s impossible to learn in an environment where you don’t feel safe. We need to make our schools safe again and let Ohio’s children learn and grow without fear for their safety.


We live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world yet many Ohioans are sick and suffering because of the exorbitant price of prescription drugs. Ohio has one of the highest rates of both infant and maternal mortality. And for the last couple of years, Ohio ranks second in the nation in opioid-related deaths.

For some of the poorest and sickest Ohioans the only place they have to turn to is Medicaid. Some GOP lawmakers are working to effectively end enrollment in the program. Ohio’s last budget bill, HB 49, contained a provision to stop additional enrollment in Medicaid which Gov. Kasich vetoed, but there is a movement in the legislature to possibly override that veto.

An attack on Ohioans access to healthcare is unacceptable. I will fight to not only halt the attempts to end Medicaid but also to expand it so that all Ohioans who need medical care and treatment will have access.


In the 23rd House District, I have met so many hard-working people who want nothing more than to be treated fairly and paid for a hard day’s work. My promise to you is to stand up for public and private sector employees, union and non-union, so that you can have a living wage to take care of your families, affordable healthcare, benefits to provide a high quality of life, and a secure pension so you can retire with dignity.

Yes – I will work to bring jobs to our communities, but rest assured that I will also work just as diligently to ensure the jobs we have in this community are living wage, good jobs that respect the dignity of hard-working people.